21 August 2010

What can i do to get myself into study mood?

can anyone help???

setiap kali time nak study jer.... 'mood malas' tu dah datang huhu.... y????
macam2 alasan dalam kepala huhu..... aDus~
pastu 'pak mengantok' pn datang la mengorat.. lagi la tergoda, lagi2 tgk katil hehe...

my solution to this prob stakat nie :

~environment~mengemas n menghias meja ku yang selama nie berselerak hehe.. (thumbs up)

~motivate my self~
~set matlamat~
set dalam kepala yang kita boleh lakukan sume pekara yang kita nak lakukan, jgn limitkan pmikiran n always thinks out of the box....

hmm... any suggestion?


MiSs FaRA said...

Step out from your comfort zone... Don't you ever feel comfort from the way you live your life now... Your journey is still so long. Always remind yourself of what you need to accomplish.. and one more suggestion is: write a diary or update your blog regularly (it works for me).... Because: this is like therapy. you'll write down your goals, every day goals, then also write down the improvement you've made.. you'll see your progress by doing that.... good luck, and take care my dear sister

Anonymous said...