30 December 2012

I miss my friend.


Suddenly think about my friend Jiha and Wana.  :(   My day is sad without them.  I miss them so much.  

I just remember, 15/11/2012 is a day when all three of us hangout together.  I borrow my sister car and we had so much fun.  Of course I'm driving.  At first we just want to use Wana's car, but I think we can save fuel money more when using my sister's car.  After all, wana cannot drive when raining, so it is ok for me to drive.  I do have so much fun that day.  At first we go to "Air Terjun' at Maran.  But before we arrive there, we have lunch and buy some junk food so that we can eat while on the way to Maran.  We talks about so many things.  Everyone have their on story.  But as usual, I'm not really like  to tell my problems to other. haha.  We arrive and it is the happiest moment for me.  Then we decide to go to Gunung Senyum. For what? haha just jalan-jalan sahaja. hehe and of course capture some pictures.  So here I'm sharing my picture with them.

 We all have fun :)  I miss you both...... huhu

Thanks for coming


A few days before, my sister came here at UUM.  Thanks to her I'm so happy that day.  I got a chance to hangout with my nephew Mirza and Anas.  I miss them so much.  I just want to share pictures that I captured with them the other day.  Thanks for being here.

Tq for making my day full of happiness.. :)  

p/s: there are so much more picture, but I cannot upload it all.  It will take time. hehe

Early in the morning.

Well today is 30/12/2012.  Which is one day left before new year.  It's actually my brother's birthday.  Yes today is his 35th birthday and not yet married.  So hopefully he'll find a girl that will make him happy.  Let's hope so.

New year is coming.  I just want to end this year being a happy person.  But,  my life is not as easy as making omelette (just using my crazy words).  Hm. it is not easy being me.  Nobody know how it's feel.  I just hope it will be better soon.

Actually I have so many reason that will make me unhappy.  More I think about it, more I became unhappy. I wish i could trow it away from my mind, but it is not that simple.  Well, I tried. but failed. and now I'm still trying to battle with my self.  I found a quote says that 'The worst battle is between what you know and what you feel'.  Yes it is.  I agree with this quote.  What I feel and what I know is something that I really don't want to think right now.  That's making me unhappy  but I need to settled this down.

I just want to be happy.  Is that something wrong with it?  I don't think so.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I already did something out of my mind.  People say, just go for it.  So I listen to them.  I go for it.  At the end I'm suffer with my own decision.  Now I'm thinking that not everyone is lucky enough to get what they want.  I know I am not good. I am not well behave.  I am not like others.  but I have rights to get a chance.  and it is never happen.  Cruel....! huhu.  I do feel sad about it.  Right now, I'm done with it.  I don't want to think about it.  People says that the secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day.  So I will try my best to be happy.

So many things happened to me this year.  Well, everything happens for a reason. Every person we meet will have a role in our lives, be it big or small.  Some will hurt, betray, and make us cry, to become stronger.  Some will teach us lessons, not to change us, but for us to realize our mistakes, and to help us grow, and make us a better person.  And some would simply inspire and love us, to make us happy.  I learned a lot.

One more thing that I've learned.  Not everything will go as you expected in your life. This is why you need to drop expectations, and go with the flow of life.

28 December 2012

Wonderful Morning


What a wonderful morning today is.  Just wanna wish a Good Morning to all.  Especially on the last Friday in 2012.  2013 will come. But I will never forget 2012 that's bring happiness in my life.  I learned a lot.

Hope that today everyone will have a blast and happiness.  Enjoy our day. Salam

Ways to Be a Better Person

Recently, I lost my mind. haha that's weird. I mean it in a different ways, hope you get it. If you don't, just pretend that you get it. haha. I kind of not understand myself.  Lost My Mind again. But, after a few days of thinking, I decide that I must change myself to be a better person.  The way I think is a bit too clumsy. haha I don't exactly know how it is.

So as usual, I Google it and found a few tips of how to be a better person.

It is written by Nora Dunn  
25 Ways to Be a Better Person Today

  1. Say thanks — and mean it. (Here are 25 really nice ways to do just that).
  2. Smile at a stranger.
  3. Learn to lean into vulnerability and express your true self. (Watch this video as an inspirational primer).
  4. Perform one senseless act of kindness per day.
  5. Take a sabbatical and learn something new about yourself in the process.
  6. Do something you've never done before.
  7. Set goals wisely — and reward yourself for making progress.
  8. Start a conversation with a random stranger (in line at the grocery store for example).
  9. Create a vision board to visualize — and achieve — the life of your dreams.
  10. Help somebody.
  11. Reflect on the amazing moments in your life, and figure out how to replicate them.
  12. Be 100% honest for an entire day.
  13. Be generous — but not to your own detriment.
  14. Express disagreement towards injustice.
  15. Learn something new. For example, learn how to change your life and design the lifestyle you want.
  16. Interact with nature. Go for a walk using all your senses, start a garden, or just admire a beautiful sunset.
  17. Have fun with a brainstorm session of 100 ways to change your life in 20 minutes.
  18. Cook a meal for somebody.
  19. Save money. (Here are 37 ways start saving today).
  20. Try letting somebody in line in front of you or driving consciously and kindly, and see if it actually makes you late. (You might surprise yourself).
  21. Give your kids a leg up in life and make finance a family affair. (since i'm not married, I choose to ignore it for now.  It will be useful latter.  
  22. Learn about a worthwhile cause, and get involved.
  23. Choose three ways to be nicer to the environment and implement them.
  24. Create your own definition of financial freedom, and inject a dose of passion into your budget.
  25. Regain your youth, and play with some children.
Thats all.  Hope this will help me :)

A Big Thanks


Today I'm really glad that my sister and her husband came here (UUM).  I'm really happy finally I got a chance to play with my nephew Arif Mirza and Anas Mujahid.  I miss them so much.  Thanks.

Thanks for being here at a time like this. 

Wishing you all a good day as always~

Have a good life~


Just wanna share a few quotes for today.  
Have a nice day~


12 December 2012


I'm fine.  Just saying it. Even I know that no one will ask.

04 December 2012



Ye murid2~ hari ni kita nak belajar method MM1 dan MMS yer. hehe

Saje gimik-gimik sikit. tengah stress sebab nak kena siapkan assignment.  Nak tak nak kena siapkan malam ni jugak. why?  Sebab esok nak balik Temerloh.  Rumah ku Syurga ku la katakan.  I'm so happy~  Anyway memang tengah pening sikit dengan assignment.  Tapi memang dah jadi rutin la kan sebelum buat assignment kena study dulu. hehe. nasib paham apa yang dah di study, tapi bila nak wat assignment? Hahaha Paham2 je lar... Adoi...

Ni dia dah capture sikit 'apa' yang aku tengah study.  Nak tolong? Boleh. tolong bg ketenangan sikit kat aku. haha kepala serabut kot. :( huhu

Esok mintak2 sempat hantar assignment. sebab malam dah bertolak dah dari sintok.  Balik tak lama pun, dalam 4 or 5 hari je.  Minggu depan hari selasa ade kelas lagi kan. Dah tak boleh skip kelas.  Lagi2 nak final ni. Hehe Mane lah tahu Prof Engku bagi tips ke. hehe

Ok la. nak sambung wat assignment ni.  Rehat sekejap je ni sebab otak serabut.  I need something that can make me smile.  but don't know if it exist or not.  Cehh entah ape2 je ayat.

Ok la kawan.  Bye~

Salam Semua~

03 December 2012

I'm coming home


Hai hai.  baru pas makan sambil tengok cerita Hindustan hahaha.  Syok.  Alhamdulillah rezeki ada hari ni.  Dapat air teh o ais FREE lagi.  Padahal nak beli Ais 20 sen je. hehe so kena update dalam MFP laa...  Hm terima kasihla to abg kat cafe tu bagi air free.  Hehe Alhamdulillah.  SYok2..

Sedap2... dah bekurun rasanya tak minum air manis hehe...

Hmm... Hari ni ingat nak beli tiket untuk balik, nasib ada kak Zu boleh tumpang pergi.  Tapi balik sendiri laaa... huhu yang penting malam ni kena siapkan assignment.  sebab esok xboleh submit lambat. huhu ye lah kan nak balik umah hehe.  

Tadi line internet laju.  So sempat aku download video exercise by JM.  Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 1 and Level 2.  Hehe boleh buat nnt ada masa free.

Tengok.  Bejaya download. hehehe. Guna you tube downloader je  pun, tapi berjaya jugak hehe.

Ok la. jap lagi kul 5nak g beli tiket dah hehe :)

Salam semua
Senyum selalu.


Hope today and the next next day will be good alwayas

02 December 2012

no title

Fake Smile

I keep on smiling. but it doesn't work :(

I need to find interesting things to do.  Or else, i'll lose my precious smile :(

30 November 2012

Burn.....! Hahaha


Hari ni aku seronok sangat sebab aku dah ada aktivitti yang nak dibuat semasa waktu lapang :)

Aerobik...! Jom..

Dah lama rasanya aku tak berpeluh berderai2 macam ni. haha macam duduk kat sauna je.  Hari ni 2x aku wat aerobik.  Bangun tidur buat 30 minit.  Tadi buat lagi 20 minit.  Aerobik camne? Haha semua aku cari kat En YouTube.  Terima Kasih la wahai En YouTube.  So macam biasa lah update kat My Fitnesspal.  Aku kembali menggunakan semula My Fitnesspal. yay.  Harap ianya consistent.  So ni gambar nya.

Alhamdulillah. Yang penting aku enjoy dan tak rasa terbeban.  Tu penting sekali.  Sebab semua tu akan menentukan berapa lama kite akan komit nak buat mende tu.   In Sha Allah.  Harap2 tak berputus asa laa yer. :)

Dan, salah satu cara aku nak naikkan semangat aku, dan secara tak langsung mengingatkan aku.  Aku tulis kata-kata yang menaikkan semangat kat whiteboard bilik aku.  Ni Dia.

Maaf ye tulisan buruk sikit hehe.

Lookong forward to see my own progress.  Harap ada lah perkembangan hehe :)

Ok Salam semua.

Good Bye November: smile always


Sabarlah wahai ma.  Sesungguhnya apa yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.  Kesabaran mu itu pasti membawa keberkatan kelak.  Jika musibah menimpa, senyumlah.  Sesungguhnya senyuman itu pengubat segala duka.

Alhamdulillah.. dah nak habis pun bulan November.  Welcome December. :)  Semoga hari-hari esok lebih baik dari hari-hari sebelumnya.  In Sha Allah.

Ingat ye wahai cik ma.  Senyum lah selalu.  Jom nak share smile quotes sikit.  Selamat mendalami maksudnya :)

Enjoy Smiling everyone :)  pss:tq En Google for the pictures :)

# esok nak buat aerobik :) semangat2x...

28 November 2012

Sakit ke aku ni?

Assalamualaikum semua.

Skarang baru je balik dari submit assignment.  Alhamdulillah berjaya siapkan walaupun susah sikit.  Tapi biasa la susah tu kan, kena la belajar.  Betol x?

Aku pergi hantar assignment tadi jalan kaki je.  nak tunggu bus lambat sangat.  Sebab bus nak pusing-pusing uum dulu. haha.  Masa nak balik tu aku tak larat sangat, yelah semalam tdo 4jam je. huhu.  So ingat kan nak la naik bus.  tapi.... huhu ramainya lah student hari ni.  Biasa kelas aku hari selasa tak ramai sangat student2 ni.   Bila tengok tadi kat terminal, ya Allah.  Macam tak sanggup je nak berebut naik bus.  Tapi bila tengok suasanak camtu teringat time aku dengan kawan2 aku kat sini.  Sunyinya lah tanpa diorang kat sini, kalau dulu best semua boleh buat sama-sama.  sekarang??  hm xpela. sambung td.  So aku decide nak jalan kaki je balik tadi.

Tapi masa tengah jalan tadi tak tahu lah aku rasa tak bermaya je.  badan rasa lemah je.  tak macam hari2 biasa.  huhuhu..  tengah jalan tu aku terpaksa berhenti sebab tiba-tiba je 'gelap'.  macam nak pitam.  nasib orang belakang jalan kat belakang aku (perempuan) datang kat aku tanya, sebab aku macam sedar tak sedar je. huhu.  Terima Kasih la.. aku duduk kejap. lepas minum air dah ok. aku sambung jalan. huhu risau jugak kalau pengsan kat tengah2 jalan. huhu dah la aku sorang je kat sini :(

Balik tu jalan perlahan yg mungkin.  sebab tak nak guna banyak tenaga.  dah tak larat masa tu.  Ni Alhamdulillah dah sampai bilik.  pas baring2 jap alhamdulillah dah ok.  Aku tak tahu la apa masalah nye dengan aku.  huhu.   Sakit ape aku ni??  or just sebab tak cukup tidur and terlalu penat agaknya.

Hm ok la kawan.  Aku baru pas makan panadol. huhu  mata kuyu plak sambil tulis blog ni.

In Sha Allah ada masa aku tulis lagi ye.  Mohon di ampun kan segala dosa samaada sengaja atau pun tidak sengaja.

Salam semua.

24 November 2012

Strawberry, Fresh from Cameron


HAri ni aku tidur lambat sikit. kenapa? Sebab tadi dah tertido lame. haha jaga2 je dah pukul 10.30.  Apa nak jadi ma oii.. hehe

Tapi Alhamdulillah la aku jaga. sebab ada rezeki nak datang. hehe.

Jiran bilik aku baru balik dari Cameron. Apa lagi mesti la ada bawak buah tangan.  Ingat jugak dia kat aku and rumet aku.

Ni dia.

SedapnYa. Tq Mas :)

Gambar tu baru je tadi ambil, atas tilam aku la of course,  Tapi strawberry nya dah habis.  Bak kata rumet aku, tak boleh makan lewat2. nanti busuk. haha. Rumet aku lagi best, dia makan dengan Nutella.  Dia peminat teger chocolate yer. haha

And tak lupa jugak Mas ada bagi kiteorang keychain. Tapi x ambik gambar pun. Lain kali lah. hehe

Ok la semua.  I'm happy today.  May your day is always blessed by Allah s.w.t

23 November 2012


Senyum.  Tak perlu kata apa-apa.  Hehehe

07 November 2012

Cuti yang terputus


Hehe tajuk macam best je kan? tak de apa pun sebenarnya.  Cuma mengenangkan cuti terputus ni la, banyak membazir duit disini.  mana tak nye, cuti 10 hari, balik UUM 3 hari, cuti balik 10 hari. hah..! membazir duit tiket aje.

Hehe kejap lagi sebenarnya aku nak balik.  Bust pukul 7.  Doakan selamat perjalananku dan selamat sampai insyaAllah. tu pun kalau ada yang sudi membaca. haha. syok sendiri je lebih ni. hehe.

Ok lah ye.  Skarang pun dah pukul 4.00pm.  Barang tak lagi siap kemas. haha. Let's get ready.  Tak Sabar kot nak balik ni. hehe.  I miss my home.  I miss someone too. huhu

Ok bai

Sedar - Shila Amzah


Hm ada tak yang ade mp3 lagu Sedar by Shila Amzah.  I really like this song.  Cari kat internet tak jumpa.

Tapi pape pun, jom dengar dulu lagu ni.  Tapi ni versi akustik dari Shila Amzah sendiri.

p/s: jgn lupa pause dulu Talking To The Moon hehe ^__^

Sudah lama ku perhatikan dia,
Sudah lama aku memendam rasa,
Bila 'kan tiba.
Setiap Kali aku melihatnya
Seperti kejutan elektrik kurasa

Tak pernah kau sedari
Ku disini
Telah lama menantikan mu
Tak perlulah kau mencari lagi..
Karena ku setia disini buat mu

Semua gadis tergila-gilakan nya
Semua gadis ingin mendampinginya
Ku ingin sekali menegur dirinya
Tapi lidah ku kelu tidak terkata

Tak pernah kau sedari
Ku disini
Telah lama menantikan mu
Tak perlulah kau mencari lagi..
Karena ku setia disini buat mu

Talking To The Moon

Have you heard this song yet?
I like it. It represent my feeling~

This is the lyric of Talking To The Moon

I know you're somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back
I want you back
My neighbors think
I'm crazy
But they don't understand
You're all I had
You're all I had

At night when the stars
Light up my room
I sit by myself
Talking to the Moon.
Trying to get to You
In hopes you're on
The other side
Talking to me too.
Or Am I a fool
Who sits alone
Talking to the moon?


I'm feeling like
I'm famous
The talk of the town
They say
I've gone mad
I've gone mad
But they don't know
What I know
Cause when the
Sun goes down
Someone's talking back
They're talking back

At night when the stars
Light up my room
I sit by myself
Talking to the moon.
Trying to get to You
In hopes you're on
The other side
Talking to me too.
Or am I a fool
Who sits alone
Talking to the moon?

Ahh... Ahh... Ahh...
Do you ever hear me calling
(Ahh... Ahh... Ahh...)
Ho hou ho ho hou

'Cause every night
I'm talking to the moon

Still trying to get to you
In hopes you're on
The other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
Who sits alone
Talking to the moon?


I know you're somewhere out there
Somewhere far away

05 November 2012

Doa Penenang Hati

Ya Allah… gantikanlah di tempat keresahan ini dengan kedamaian,
di tempat kedukaan dgn kegembiraan
dan di tempat ketakutan dgn keamanan

Ya Allah, sejukkanlah gejolak hati ini dgn salji keyakinan
dan padamkanlah bara dijiwa dgn air keimanan..
Ya Allah..buatlah mata yg tdk mahu lelap

merasa mengantuk yg memberi ketenangan,

dan letakkanlah di jiwa yg goncang ini kedamaian,

dan berilah balasan baginya
dgn kejayan yg sudah hampir

Ya Allah… halakanlah kebingungan pandangan hatiku kpd nur cahaya-MU
dan tindakan-tindakan ku yg keliru kpd jalan MU yg lurus..
dan palingkanlah org2 yg menyimpang dari jalan MU
kpd hidayah MU

Ya Allah… lenyapkanlah was-was dgn fajar cahaya kebenaran,
dan hapuskanlah jiwa yg resah dgn falak kebenaran,
dan tolaklah tipu daya syaitan dgn tentera bantuan-MU
dlm keadaan terhina…

Ya Allah,lenyapkanlah dukacita ku, hilangkanlah kesedihanku,
sembuhkanlah kesakitanku.. dan halaulah keresahan dari jiwaku…

Ya Rabb…Ya Tuhanku… Daku berlindung kpd-MU
dari rasa takut,kami bersandar dan berserah hanya kpd -MU,
Daku tdk meminta tolong melainkn kpd-Mu

Engkaulah pemelihara ku….

sebaik2 pelindung dan penolong…



Ya. Hati aku tak tenang.

Kenapa? huhu entahlaa,  :(

Back from semester break.


Alhamdulillah. pagi tadi pukul 8.30am 5/11/2012 aku selamat sampai ke bilik aku kat bumi Sintok ni.  Cuti sem kali ni memang best.  Dalam masa seminggu je, macam-macam aku buat.  ^_^  Emosi pun bercampur aduk. tapi alhamdulillah la banyak yang mengembirakan dari yang sedih.  xpela, xnak cite sal emosi. huhu

Cuti-cuti mestilah kena pergi tengok wayang. Haa. Tapi masa tu tak tahu nak tengok cerita apa.  So tengok la cerita seram. huhu.  Sabo aje la.  Tajuk: Sinister.  Kalau ikutkan cerita dia ni best jugak sebenarnya.  Kawan aku ada jugak tengok tapi dia kate tak best, pastu dia tido dalam wayang. haha apa da, sebab tak tengok sampai habis cerita tu, so memang tak tahu la kan cerita tu best ke tak. betol tak.  Ada gambar ni.   

Tengok..! Masing nak bergaya macam cerita seram ni haha.

Ni pulak masa tunggu bas nak hantar akak aku dia nak ke alor star.  Memang satu kejadian yang tak dapat di lupakan huhu.  Bas sepatutnya pukul 10.15.  Tunggu sampai 4.30 pagi baru sampai.  Sempat la makan magi beli kat 7eleven.  Sempat jugak la baring kat terminal tu.  Sempat jugak la tidur dalam kereta ^__^ tapi anak buah aku berdua ni suka pulak bab-bab berjaga malam ni. haha nasib ade mereka teman aku kn?

Yang tengah mengandung ni kawan aku masa aku praktikal kat JPAM Temerloh.  Alahai rindunya.  Nasib sempat jumpa dia.  Masa last jumpa haritu dia baru mengandung 2 bulan. Tak nampak perut. Tapi sekarang!! Haa tengok sendiri la.  Aku plak excited. hehe Siap masak bihun lagi untuk kiteorang.  Pastu sempat lagi ambil buah mangga kat depan rumah dia ^_^ balik2 terus makan beramai-ramai la. 

Malam tu pulak aku keluar lagi dengan Najihah and Ashkeen. Pergi window shopping je.  Pastu lepak-lepak sambil borak-borak. :)

KFC? haha rosak diet eh.  Tapi share dengan jiha. hehe lagipun kan dah malam. hehe.  Saje nak lepak dengan jiha. bila lagi kan??

Comel tak Aboh? hehe. Masa ni ajak aboh pergi Star Mall.  See my face? huhu masa ni ada masalah sikit. hm entah la ye.  Tapi yang bestnye abOh belanje seluar jeans n baju masa ni. Bukan selalu. Hehe.  You know what, he notice when i'm sad.   That's my Aboh.  I'm so glad.  and yes, he make me happy :) thank you so much :)

and again Egg Role. hehe kali ni buat untuk iwan. sebab dia tak pernah rasa lagi.  dah tak buat manis macam dulu dah.  ikut selera aku ni. hehe letak banyak sikit bawang.  Alhamdulillah la rasanya. haha Nak?? Tungguuu.... hehe

Ni masa pergi Kuala Pilah.  Huhu rindunya la kat Anas Mujahid.  Mokma rindu Anas la. camne ni? hehe.

and last sekali. Gambar main kejar2 dengan Arif Mirza.  Penat kot. hehe exercise~ hehe rindu mokma ke tak Mirza ni?  Haha mesti tak de respond pape. hehe.  

Ok la. Nanti update lagi.  7hb 11 2012 nak balik. Cuti deepavali.  Cuti 10 hari. Yay..... 

Bai semua.