10 July 2012

Start Thinking


I'm quite surprised when my sister call me, telling that I've got an offer letter from UUM to continue my study in Master in Science (Decision Science).  Eventhough I know most of my friend might also get the same letter, I still nervous when I think about it.  Why? I don't know, maybe I'm not confidence with my own self.  Whatever it is, I'm definitely excited knowing this news.
Unfortunately, I have to reject the offer for now. Why? Because I still have one more semester after I finish my internship.

The good news is...... I have plenty of time to think whether to continue my study or not.  I just email a person who responsible about this offer, then she said you can continue doing Master after you finish your semester.

For the record, there's a lot of thing that I need to think before I make my decision.  My decision must include all the important factors including my family, my capibility and so on. huuu.

Thanks Allah for giving me this wonderful oppurtunity ^_^

Whatever it is, I Have To Think!


p/s: Sorry, I'm not so good writing in English

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