30 December 2012

I miss my friend.


Suddenly think about my friend Jiha and Wana.  :(   My day is sad without them.  I miss them so much.  

I just remember, 15/11/2012 is a day when all three of us hangout together.  I borrow my sister car and we had so much fun.  Of course I'm driving.  At first we just want to use Wana's car, but I think we can save fuel money more when using my sister's car.  After all, wana cannot drive when raining, so it is ok for me to drive.  I do have so much fun that day.  At first we go to "Air Terjun' at Maran.  But before we arrive there, we have lunch and buy some junk food so that we can eat while on the way to Maran.  We talks about so many things.  Everyone have their on story.  But as usual, I'm not really like  to tell my problems to other. haha.  We arrive and it is the happiest moment for me.  Then we decide to go to Gunung Senyum. For what? haha just jalan-jalan sahaja. hehe and of course capture some pictures.  So here I'm sharing my picture with them.

 We all have fun :)  I miss you both...... huhu

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