28 December 2012

Ways to Be a Better Person

Recently, I lost my mind. haha that's weird. I mean it in a different ways, hope you get it. If you don't, just pretend that you get it. haha. I kind of not understand myself.  Lost My Mind again. But, after a few days of thinking, I decide that I must change myself to be a better person.  The way I think is a bit too clumsy. haha I don't exactly know how it is.

So as usual, I Google it and found a few tips of how to be a better person.

It is written by Nora Dunn  
25 Ways to Be a Better Person Today

  1. Say thanks — and mean it. (Here are 25 really nice ways to do just that).
  2. Smile at a stranger.
  3. Learn to lean into vulnerability and express your true self. (Watch this video as an inspirational primer).
  4. Perform one senseless act of kindness per day.
  5. Take a sabbatical and learn something new about yourself in the process.
  6. Do something you've never done before.
  7. Set goals wisely — and reward yourself for making progress.
  8. Start a conversation with a random stranger (in line at the grocery store for example).
  9. Create a vision board to visualize — and achieve — the life of your dreams.
  10. Help somebody.
  11. Reflect on the amazing moments in your life, and figure out how to replicate them.
  12. Be 100% honest for an entire day.
  13. Be generous — but not to your own detriment.
  14. Express disagreement towards injustice.
  15. Learn something new. For example, learn how to change your life and design the lifestyle you want.
  16. Interact with nature. Go for a walk using all your senses, start a garden, or just admire a beautiful sunset.
  17. Have fun with a brainstorm session of 100 ways to change your life in 20 minutes.
  18. Cook a meal for somebody.
  19. Save money. (Here are 37 ways start saving today).
  20. Try letting somebody in line in front of you or driving consciously and kindly, and see if it actually makes you late. (You might surprise yourself).
  21. Give your kids a leg up in life and make finance a family affair. (since i'm not married, I choose to ignore it for now.  It will be useful latter.  
  22. Learn about a worthwhile cause, and get involved.
  23. Choose three ways to be nicer to the environment and implement them.
  24. Create your own definition of financial freedom, and inject a dose of passion into your budget.
  25. Regain your youth, and play with some children.
Thats all.  Hope this will help me :)

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