08 May 2013

Think before write!

To whom it may concern.

Please.  Think before you write.

In the heat of the moment, what you write or tell someone else may seem valid and right, but when things calm down, you may regret your actions. Think before you speak. Think before you post something. We are all humans with feelings and what you say has an impact not only on how that person feels but also on how others may think of or see that person.

Think of who may see what you post or write. Think of who may hear what you have said. Think before the words leave you or before you write things down about someone else.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Assume nothing and do not pass information or stories without knowing that they are in fact true. Communicate. Love. Treat others as human beings. We need more compassion in this world, not hate. We all have our problems, our faults, our issues. We need to find a way to make people feel better, not worse. To lift them up, not bring them down. Families need to stick together. Friends need to be true friends and not stab each other in the back.

If we all love one another, look out for each other, and stop the hate and the hurtful words, maybe at some point we can all find peace.

Think before you speak. Think before you write. Take a moment to see that person as a human being and not the enemy. Make amends. Forgive and forget.

Remember! Every words that we used describe our personality, emotion and behavior.
Please, behave yourself.


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