22 November 2010

i miss him already....

i miss him so much......

~we have a lot of time together~
~every evening sitting next to u~
~playing around together~
~having so much fun~
~I really do love him~
~OMG what am i thinking~
~it's not the right time to think about him~
~after finish my exam i'll play along with u again~
~it's my promise 2 u~

~really miss u my guitar~

it's been lonely day without you here~

~anyway~ study first, guitar later~
~keep it in ur mind ma~
~always remember~
don't malas2 hehe


MiSs FaRA said...

owh... i thought your guitar is 'she'. hehe.... xpe2, nnti 3 minggu lg jumpe la :)

booba_sororo said...

no la~ not she but he~ :p